Speedify SDK

Make our Channel Bonding technology your own.
Leverage the core channel bonding technology of Speedify in new and interesting ways. Plus, benefit from the encryption and obfuscation of our VPN back end.

Serving customers across many industries

Network Operators, Mobile Carriers & MVNOs

Secure and reliable Wi-Fi offloading means better service for your customers. Build the Speedify client right into your Wi-Fi finder, support app, or connection manager.

Software Developers

Adding Speedify to your iOS or Android app gives your customers better speed and more reliability.

News & Entertainment

With Speedify, your team gets streaming they can rely on. Streams can be split across connections for higher bandwidth, or simultaneously transmitted on all connections for ultimate reliability.

Embedded Hardware

Speedify’s channel bonding technology can be easily added to your embedded Linux devices.

How it Works

Speedify adds a layer of software between your existing networking stack and the end user’s applications. Speedify’s proprietary link aggregation solution makes numerous sockets across all available Internet connections transferring data in parallel across all of them for increased speed and reliability.

Speedify’s secure link aggregation solution was designed from the ground up for speed and mobility. Speedify delivers:

  • Channel Bonding
  • Dead hotspot protection
  • Near-zero battery impact
  • Seamless failover
  • Cost awareness
  • Hardware accelerated encryption

The Speedify engine is faster and more secure than any other VPN or link aggregation option. Speedify uses:

  • DTLS Encryption (per connection)
  • Three different modes: Speed, Reliability, and Redundancy
  • Policy Based Routing: Cheaper Wi-Fi can be prioritized over expensive cellular
  • Detailed network statistics
  • Dual stack IPv4 & IPv6

The Speedify SDK can be built into existing iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux software and runs in the background improving network performance for all the apps on the device.

Quick and Easy Set Up

With the Speedify SDK you can get up and running in 5 minutes or less!

  • Configure Project Settings
  • Link Frameworks
  • Include Sample Files
  • Add Keys
  • Create UI

    Flexible Deployment Options

    We support a range of configurations for your Speedify deployment.


    Speedify Cloud

    Tap into the Speedify Cloud, which features over 70 different points of presence around the world. No matter where your users are, Speedify servers are always close by.


    Dedicated Servers

    Get your team dedicated managed servers in the cloud. This option provides enhanced network capabilities, including static IP addresses and port forwarding.


    Self Hosted Servers

    Provide your own server through a data center or managed cloud account. Our operations team can provide administrative services to keep your server humming.

    For larger scale deployments, we allow customers to run the complete system by licensing our software.

    Contact Us

    We can also provide custom engineering services to help with integration and customization. Our team can design a scalable solution that meets the unique needs of your platform or app.